certified company UNI EN ISO 3834 PART2

2 ERRE S.R.L. Carpentry & Mechanics

2 ERRE SRL operates in the market of medium-heavy metalworkers and distributes its production unit on an area of 12,000 square meters.

cOver the years, the company has gained considerable experience in the development and manufacture of manufatures for third parties, especially for hydraulic cranes and aerial platforms.

The industry experience has made 2 ERRE SRL ready for the most complex production needs, with a precise and reliable quality care, operating according to its own management system certified for more than 15 years by the Italian Institute of Welding.


We build for our customers the structure of different hydraulic cranes: from base to shutters, from tower to extensions.


We strive for continuous availability and confrontation with our customers from the design stage to best achieve their products.


We realize in their completeness different types of aerial platforms for third parties, starting with the supply of raw materials, continuing with the cutting, bending and welding operations, until the final coating.


All products are made with certified material, such as STRENX 700-STRENX 900-STRENX 960, to ensure the best possible quality.


Prepare to meet the most varied customer demands


We provide you with our expertise and knowledge


High quality in the realization of your artifacts


Possibility to have sandblasted, painted and / or assembled product

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